Kathleen O'Neill

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Represented By:

Kathy Olsen, Manager

Encompass Arts, LLC


A select list of acting credits:


 Law and Order: SVU      Guest Star                       NBC    



Mean Girls                       Sally                                Lyle Kessler/Glory Kadigan

Clover                              Helgeland/Mrs. Cronin   La Mama, NYC

Insignificant                     Annie Jump Cannon      Infinite Variety Prod, NYC

Sweet, Sweet Spirit         Nana Jo                         Manhattan Tht. Works, NYC

Dark Water                      Blue Heron                     Manhattan Tht. Works, NYC

Over the River and...       The Older                        Neil LaBute/Glory Kadigan

The Cherry Orchard         Lyubov                           Chekhov Festival, NYC

Uff Da                              Laurel Nolan                   F.A.C.T., NYC       

Collapse                          Su                                   Manhattan Tht Source, NYC

The Greeks                      Clytemnestra                  Imua! Theatre Co., NYC

Miss Margarida's Way     Miss Margarida              New Tht., Coral Gables, FL

Cat's Paw                        Jessica Lyons                New Tht., Coral Gables, FL

The Conduct of Life*     Olympia                         Hisp. Fest/S.E.A.T. Miami

*Winner-Hispanic Festival - Best Supporting Actor



Miles Apart                      Darlene                            LCAProductions, NYC

The Separation                Gale                                 NYU Student Film, NYC

One Minute to Midnight   Dee Dee                          Lawrence Curtain


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"The actresses, lead by Kathleen O'Neill in the role
of Annie...brilliantly and powerfully depict this true

life story of these early female astronomers...

dramatized beautifully."

"Of particular distinction is...the delightful Kathleen
O'Neill who successfully conveys Annie's wisdom,
tenacity, and embattled conscious."

- Theresa Perkins, My Entertainment World 

"The wonderful Kathleen O'Neill."
- Nick Leshi, City of Kik

As a Storyteller I love to unite people and inspire them to live in the world free of fear.  I started acting the day I got into my mother’s closet and put on her long velvet royal blue cape and walked down the stairs.  An adult might think – "you were lucky you didn’t trip."  The storyteller takes that memory and builds a world of possibilities and realities that fill us with life.  That’s what I want to do.  That’s what I do.


I am a storyteller who acts & directs & writes & sings & teaches and will use all my talents and skills to open this amazing world to more LIFE!


Enjoy the video and join me on this journey. 

Any questions or comments just email me at kaoneill1@gmail.com.